Trade Name Shift Intake Capacity Total No. of Units DGET order No
1st 2nd 3rd
Electrician (NSQF) 40 40 40 2+2+2 DGET/12/1/2014-TC
Fitter (NSQF) 40 40 40 2+2+2 DGET/12/1/2014-TC
Electronics Mechanic (NSQF) 24 24 24 1+1+1 DGET/12/1/1995-TC
Draughtsman (Civil) (NSQF) 24 24 0 1+1 DGET/12/1/1995-TC
Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF) 24 24 0 1+1 DGET-12/1/2009-TC
Welder (NSQF) 20 20 0 1+1 DGET-12/1/2009-TC
Mechanic Auto Body Repair (NSQF) 20 20 0 1+1 DGET-12/1/2009-TC
Mechanic Auto Body Painting (NSQF) 20 20 0 1+1 DGET-12/1/2009-TC
Sewing Technology (NSQF) 0 40 0 0+2 DGET/12/1/1993-TC
Dress Making (NSQF) 20 20 0 1+1 DGET-12/1/2009-TC
  • BOC 
  • Modular Employable Skills
  • National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme
  • PMKVY Scheme
  • Minority 
  • Sudakshya Scheme

    With a view to empower girls and youth women by providing technical and vocational training to them and taking into consideration the recommendation of the SFC in this regard, Government have been pleased to initiate a new scheme “SUDAKSHYA” for improving Girl’s enrolment in Government ITIs. The financial assistance under the scheme shall be applicable for all Girl Trainees enrolled in Government ITIs during the training session 2017-18 , 2018-19, 2019-20.....

    The new scheme “SUDAKSHYA” shall be taken up a pilot scheme for two years i.e. 2017-18 and 2018-19 under “Demand No. 39-2230-Labour and Employment Expenditure-State Sector Scheme 03-Training-003-Training of Craftsman and Supervisors-0951-National Apprenticeship Training -15058-Mobilization of Girls and PwD Trainees for ITIs” in the plan expenditure w.e.f. the annual plan 2017-18.

    The scheme shall have the following components:


    • Mobilization of Girl student for admission into Government it is.
    • Financial support as “Maintenance Allowance” while pursuing training.
    • One time Financial Support for Post-ITI placement/Apprenticeship Training.


    Under the scheme the fees/ charges payable at the time of admission @ Rs.5,600/- for two years, hostel seat rent @ Rs.1500/- per annum, monthly maintenance allowance @Rs. 18,000/- PA for hosteller girls and monthly maintenance allowance @ Rs.6000/- PA for day scholar girls shall be reimbursed/ paid by the Government.

    Besides, for post ITI placement/ Apprenticeship, maintenance allowance @Rs. 12,000/- PA for apprenticeship training inside the State and Rs.18,000/- PA for apprenticeship outside the State, and one month maintenance allowance @Rs.5,000/- PM for girls opting for jobs outside the State shall also be provided.